I’m so glad you’re here.


My name is Jules and I am a coach, friend, sister, personal cheerleader, and guide.

I’m here to help you open your heart and talk about what’s inside; all the things you’ve wanted to say, and think, and do, and feel, but may have been too afraid to express. I help people go within, nurture an intimate and loving relationship with themselves, and experience true Wholeness and belonging.

Because darling, you aren’t broken. You never were. Nothing is missing from you.

I help women:

  • Tune into themselves and fall in love with the act of exploring and connecting with their inner landscape.

  • Build kind and loving relationships with themselves.

  • Embrace their femininity and sensuality.

  • Have healthy friendships and fulfilling romantic lives.

  • Heal and release the people, patterns, behaviors and stories that are preventing them from experiencing deep peace, abundant joy, and satisfying relationships.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:


I am a woman who knows herself, and whose proudest achievement is her own personal discovery.

I am an artist and counselor at heart, and I love to lead, teach, and write about the ways I have experienced my emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. I understand body image, motherhood, marriage, dating, female entrepreneurship, friendship, and so much more, but I also know as well as anyone that these are all facets of a woman’s relational life - they are not the entire person.

The most valuable work I have ever done for myself is to see that I am Whole regardless of who I am to other people. When I approached my life with a true understanding of who I was, everything changed. My calling and passion became clear. My friendships fell into place. I let go of the most painful stories from past relationships. My experience of romance went deeper. I stopped feeling so rejected all the time, and instead I carried with me an authentic and lasting sense of belonging.

I am a woman deeply connected to my spirituality. I have watched my body heal from physical diseases I thought I would carry for a lifetime after I healed my emotional and spiritual pain. After experiencing decades of shame over who I was, I now have a deeply satisfying sense of intimacy in my life. Coaching other women into their inner realm, creating a safe space for them to open up, and watching them heal from years of self-rejection, inner chaos, and performance is the true and honest work of my soul on this earth.

 Despite all the peace I am happy to share with you now, there were moments when my healing came easily, and others where it terrified me.

I spent many years thinking I knew who I was, until the terror I felt of being truly alone showed me that I had no idea.

Many years looking for my faith institution to fix my shame, and finding myself lost and in despair when I realized it couldn’t.

Many years playing every role I thought would make me happy (devotee, faithful wife, ‘perfect’ Mother, business woman, favored friend) and feeling frustrated when I found that these roles could not contain the fullest expression of who I was.

Many years speaking unkind words to my body, constantly judging and criticising her, killing my sex drive, creativity, and confidence.

Many years at war with myself, simmering in anxiety that would wake me up at night, terrified of how rejected and vulnerable I felt.

In a season of my life where I experienced trauma more significant and life-shifting than ever before, I woke up. I saw the roles I was unwillingly playing, the unhappiness I was unconsciously but actively creating within myself, and the ways in which I was limiting my growth and happiness.

This was when the work of going inward and uncovering my authentic self began. My journey has required more courage and vulnerability from me than I ever knew existed, and the nourishment it has added to my life has made it possible for me to be happy, regardless of what is happening around me.

BODY Package.JPG

My journey has taught me that:

⋆ Knowing yourself and liking yourself go hand-in-hand.

⋆ Life flows with far more ease when you gift yourself the same love you gift to those around you.

⋆ Stepping into your femininity and appreciating your beauty is not vanity. It’s pure love.

⋆ Expressing yourself sexually is not only okay, it’s essential to your existence and growth. There is nothing shameful about sexuality and it need not be repressed or denied.

⋆ Embracing your divinity has the power to awaken you to the sense of connection and belonging that you have always wanted in your life.

Most importantly, I help people connect with the reality that everything we seek is within us. I am not a Guru and I don’t have the answers. You have them all. My job is to help women uncover their depth, wisdom, and eternal Love for themselves and the world.

If you’re looking to heal from heartbreak, let go of your mental limitations, and experience deep inner peace like I was, I would love for you to book a discovery call with me so we can talk about what that could look like. You are worth this work, and effort, and time, and Love. More than you know.

My journey, and all that it has gifted me, has changed the way I raise my kids, talk to myself, experience this life, show up in romance, and serve others through my work. Endless wisdom and unconditional presence now pour through me and make it possible for me to experience Love in a way that feels real and lasting.




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