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My signature coaching progrAm for women who want to feel whole, heal from their emotional pain, enhance their relationships, and take ownership of their dreams.

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THE WHOLE WOMAN 1-on-1 Coaching Program

I am whole. I soften into my femininity. I am intimately known.

A three-month intensive journey, personalized for the woman who is ready to experience radical self-acceptance, and all of the incredible life breakthroughs that come along with that. You are ready to do the brave and healing work of discovering who you really are and reclaiming your vulnerability.


This program is for you if...

  • You feel burdened by the expectations around you and disconnected from your creativity.

  • You are tired of carrying the weight of insecurity, rejection, comparison, judgement, and negativity.

  • You feel blocked or frustrated in your romantic life.

  • You are holding onto old pain and you know it’s time to let go, but you don’t know how.

  • You have felt shame about your body, sexuality and desire.

  • You are tired of giving so much, only to feel depleted.

  • You feel out of balance, out of alignment with what you want for your life, and you’re having a hard time figuring out why that is, or how to move forward.

  • You feel needy, or just plain afraid of intimacy. You don’t know how to be yourself in your closest relationships while feeling accepted for who you are.

  • You are having a hard time finding the courage to move toward your dreams.

In this healing intensive program, we will:

  • Give you a safe space to explore the things that have felt the hardest in your life.

  • Help you learn to live from your heart and see beauty in every facet of yourself; both the pain and the celebration.

  • Define key boundaries and establish self-care practices to help you reclaim your energy.

  • Develop your sense of radical self-acceptance, and learn the emotional and spiritual tools you’ll need live life from a deep sense of Love and security.

  • Explore the ways that unhealed pain is subconsciously writing your beliefs, and work to integrate the parts of you that feel repressed and disconnected.

  • Give you tools for healing the shame you have associated with your sexuality and free you to show up to a romantic partnership in your true vulnerability.

  • Get you connected to the source of your spiritual vitality and emotional well-being.

  • Get crystal clear about what you want most in your life and empower you to begin moving toward your dreams.

Includes one complimentary 20-minute discovery call to assess how and if our partnership could best serve you, and twelve coaching sessions with Jules over three months, as well as unlimited e-mail access during the length of the program.


If you feel compelled to work with me, but you already have a very specific idea of what you’d like to discuss, I offer single sessions for those that want to find clarity in a specific situation but may not be sure of the journey they want to take after that. You may have a specific wound, or resistance you want to move past, or you just need a safe space to find clarity where you know you will not be judged. I know what it’s like to need that space, and I appreciate being able to offer that to clients. We can always schedule further coaching sessions after that if needed. Single sessions are prepaid once scheduled. After you book your call with me, be sure to lookout for a followup e-mail within 24 hours for further instructions.


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