KIND WORDS And testimonials

Loving feedback & success stories from those I have coached



“I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Jules as a personal coach. Working with her has helped me to discover and unlock areas in my life that had been blocking my growth for years. Implementing what she taught me led to healing some of my core wounds. Jules has an extremely kind and gentle approach, as well as a profound inner wisdom and intuition. She helped me to see areas of my life that had become my biggest stumbling blocks, and that turned out to be my biggest teachers.

I will be forever grateful to her for giving me a new perspective, and moving me forward. I highly recommend Jules as a spiritual coach, as well as a life coach.”

- Karen from Seattle, WA


“It was so huge to be introduced to my deconstruction of faith by Jules. It seriously changed my life. I thought being away from church for 4 years “healed” me from religion but I was so wrong. I just wanted to say thank you for playing such a key role in this healing season of my life.”

- April from Austin, TX


“EVERY SINGLE TIME I talk with Julianne I am completely motivated to run straight towards my dreams -without restraint. I don’t often listen to my feelings -because somewhere in my head, it seems counterproductive to all the things that need to be done- BUT when I do, the puzzle pieces come together. Jules has a way of helping fit together the puzzle pieces of people’s life. What she does is beautiful and meaningful and so very powerful.”

- Jordan, from Bryan, TX


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